Seminars & Workshops

August 10th, 2017
7 PM to 9:45 PM
Healing Circle
Introduction to Healing Shiatsu (Finger Pressure), Reiki (Energy healing) and meditation. 

This is not a class to taught Shiatsu and Reiki workshop but an introduction health and healing. The scope of this workshop is not teaching but Exploration and sharing.

Topics of discussion 

1. Differences between Western and Eastern Healing Arts.

2. What is Shiatsu?

3. What is Reiki?

4. Introduction to breathing and Meditation

5. Self-Care Take care of yourself through basic Shiatsu Makko ho ( Acupressure Yoga) and Reiki Self-Care Protocols.

A simiple Reiju will performed.

Professional and/or Experienced Shiatsu and Reiki practitioners are asked to attend to help chair and/or Floor sessions for both Shiatsu and Reiki (We have one table and 4 tatami mats available.

Instructor & Host: Charles O. Lucas
Charles has been training in the Bujinkan Dojo Budo & Ninpo taijutsu since 1992 and is a 5th dan and is a shidoshi licensed by the Bujinkan dojo of Japan and the Dojo-Cho of the Rukasu Budo Dojo. Charles study Shiatsu and Reiki in the 1990's as part of his training in martial arts. He has been practicing shiatsu off and on since 1995. He began is study of Japanese Shiatsu under Shirley Roberts, she was student of New York Budo and Graduate
of both the Ohashiatsu Institute and at the Swedish Massage Institute in New York City; Charles continues his education in shiatsu under Kumiko Kanayama.
Charles' explore of Japanese healing arts was a way to balance out his training in Japanese martial arts; during his time at New York Budo. He also learning First Aid and CPR was a requirement from Shodan (First Degree, Black Belt and A requirement for instructors), a long with learn traditional Japanese resuscitation techniques.

Currently; Starting in 2013 after return from Japan and earning his godan (5th degree); Charles decide to training, study and practice Shiatsu and Reiki and complete is certifications and licensing.
Charles began seeing a connection between touch and wellness and want to explorer and find a connection between shiatsu and Reki and under how ki moves through the body in and out.He began recently his study of Reiki under Michelle Shinagawa who during her studies combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and diagnosis with Reiki. Charles is study and completing his shiatsu certification under his teacher Kumiko Kanayama and is completing Reiki Master Cerification under Michelle Shinagawa In the Spring 2018 he will begin his Massage Therapy A.A.S. and NY States MT License at Queens Borough Community College. and practice other martial arts outside of the training, Aikido, Judo and Iaido.

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